Monday, November 30, 2015

Cali's music program

Cali got to dress up like a pioneer for her 3rd grade music program. It was the cutest music program ever. They didn't just sing, they did little hand motions and square danced. It was seriously adorable. And Cali knew every word and every motion. She wasn't shy at all up there. It was so fun to watch! We were very proud of you, Cali! You were the cutest pioneer up on that stage(thank you to our friends for letting us borrow this sweet dress!) Behind her in this photo is also her artwork. Very beautiful! Cali loves art and drawing. It is her favorite subject in school.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Two little boys on two giant couches

We did it. We finally bought new couches. The old ones had had it. About 14 years of use and they were looking a little sad, what with all the crazy animals always climbing all over them ;) We didn't get rid of them though, they are now in the basement living room. They are still the coziest couches in the world. I'm not sure I ever want to part with them! Anyways, Joey and I found this pair at a local furniture store and within a week they were delivered. The boys were so excited when they arrived. They each claimed a couch and cozied right up :) They are gorgeous couches. I just LOVE them. They look so great in the house! I just hope we don't destroy them. They are a very light color. And don't seem as sturdy as our old couches...probably not meant for a family of 8 but we loved them so much we took the risk(and purchased a stain protection plan that we may or may not have already used:) Its going to be hard to make sure these little boys hands are clean all the time. . .wish us luck. I'm sure by next year these couches will be brown...

And no, its not just the fact that Ammon isn't very tall that makes the couch look so long. It is a very very long couch! Figured we have lots of rear ends to squeeze in so we got the extra long...

Saturday, November 21, 2015

I finally made caramel apples

Homemade y'all. First time. And they turned out amazing. Its gonna be an every year thing now!

 I had helpers thankfully...

 I play the Evil Queen quite well...a little too well some might say.

Ta-da!  I then wrapped them up in little clear treat bags, tied a ribbon around the tops and took them to our next door neighbors on both sides(and to friends too!) They were a hit. Thank you Jamie Cooks It Up for the perfect recipe. 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

8 months old!

Luke is a crawling pro now. He is all over this house! This has forced me to vacuum way more than I would prefer to ;) He finds the tiniest things with his little finger and will try to inhale whatever he finds. I have fished a couple of things out of his mouth already. Thankfully the baby gate came in before he had learned to crawl enough to get out of the living room ;) Or he'd be sliding down into the basement, haha. He is also sitting up completely perfectly now. Last month he was kinda sitting up but I wouldn't have called it official yet as he was leaning over on his hands with the occasional sit up and then back topple. It was crazy how fast he all of the sudden decided, okay, I'm going to sit up all the time now. And now he just crawls around finds a place to sit and sits there with a toy in his mouth. He just looks so much older all of the sudden! He started babbling way more this month too. Daddy his happy he is finally saying dadadada. Oh, and a really cute thing he has just started doing is waving. He just started doing this last week. It is the most adorable thing ever! He even did it to one of our family pictures :)
He has been having a hard time sleeping at night the past few weeks..this Mama is tired! It looks like he might be getting more teeth soon so I'm hoping thats the problem. He has never been a solid night time sleeper...but has definitely regressed. The other night he was up every two hours. Worse than when he was a newborn. So pray for me y'all...he is perfection otherwise. My happy lil boy.
Happy 8 months Luke!!!

As you will see, I had to give him a variety of toys to get him to sit still. He kept crawling away! :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Family photos Fall 2015

 I love our family pictures this year. They were taken behind our house where there is a pond with trees. In the fall, these trees were so bright red! As soon as I saw them,  I knew it would be the perfect spot for our family pictures. And I knew we needed to get pics done fast before the leaves fell and the weather became too cold! Special thanks to Brian and Jeanie for helping us to get these shots(and for their kids for helping to get the boys attention for us and getting those smiles!) When I look at these pictures, I smile. I love my family so so much! These people are everything to me. 

Joey also snapped this sweet shot of just Lukey. I wanted a picture of just him for our Christmas card(along with the other photos, to announce his birth) I'm a multitasker like that ;) 

Thursday, November 05, 2015

Trick or Treating 2016

 The first bunch of photos are from our annual costume photo shoot. We had a scarecrow, a cheerleader, a witch, a transformer, a pirate, and a monkey this year. They all looked so awesome!  And the monkey costume on the baby never gets old. Its just the cutest! Luke was adorable. We trick or treated Oct. 30(the Beggars Night tradition here) and found it was actually fun to get to tell jokes door to door though I will admit we thought it was weird/annoying/awkward at first ;) Not everyone makes you tell a joke to get candy, it was mostly the older people, haha. My favorite joke was one Aubrey found, "How do you wake up Lady Gaga?" "You poke her face." The old people didn't get it though..LOL. Anyways, the weather was wonderful. My mom was there to share in the fun with us. It was a great night! The excitement of the boys was unsurpassed. Its one of the best nights of the year for them! And Luke loved being a monkey. He really enjoyed his first Halloween, even if he only got to chew a wrapper. I enjoyed the fact that we live in a normal neighborhood again where you can just walk door to door and not have to walk a half mile in between ;) Much more productive! And I enjoyed not having golf carts zoom by us. I also included a couple of photos at the end of Ammon at his preschool Halloween party. He was so excited about that! They trick or treated around the church. Even Wesley got to join in the fun. Trick or treating is one of the best ideas ever. Thank you to whoever came up with this brilliant idea. You dress up, you get free candy. Genius. Happy Halloween (and Beggars Night!) everyone!

I'm posting more than two pics of Luke because this sequence is just gold...

And he's down! :)

Our monkey enjoying his first Beggars Night...

The loot was gooood.

Our pumpkins were aglow that night...

Preschool party!

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Halloween Fun with Grandma

We flew my mom up in October for a quick trip. I was just feeling like I needed to see her! And Joey being the best husband ever, didn't even think twice about it. The best rate happened to be Halloween weekend so she was able to join us for some Halloween fun. We carved and painted pumpkins with her. We took her to our new favorite restaurant, the Iowa Machine Shed, to try the breakfast buffet there(YUM). We had dinner there already but had heard that on Saturday mornings they had a delicious breakfast buffet. It was so good! The day before Halloween we went trick or treating(because Iowa is weird and they trick or treat the day before..they call it Beggars Night and you have to tell a joke at the door!) I'll post more pics next post of the trick or treating fun(I divided Halloween into two posts because we just had so many fun things to take pics of! :) On actual Halloween night, we made a little Halloween dinner, decorated cookies and introduced the kids to the Munsters. They loved it but kept saying how weird it was, haha.  I liked having two days to enjoy Halloween this year. In the past I crammed in the fun dinner the same night as trick or treating and it was tough! It was fun to space it out and enjoy it more. I like this Beggars Night thing...we had so much fun. And it was even more fun with Grandma here! We miss you already Mama! Isn't this photo below of her and the kiddos the best?

I can't get this picture to rotate. So just rotate your neck ;)

The night before she left I realized I didn't have a pic of her and I. She was already ready for bed but I made her pose for a pic with me :) Love you Mom!