Sunday, November 01, 2015

Halloween Fun with Grandma

We flew my mom up in October for a quick trip. I was just feeling like I needed to see her! And Joey being the best husband ever, didn't even think twice about it. The best rate happened to be Halloween weekend so she was able to join us for some Halloween fun. We carved and painted pumpkins with her. We took her to our new favorite restaurant, the Iowa Machine Shed, to try the breakfast buffet there(YUM). We had dinner there already but had heard that on Saturday mornings they had a delicious breakfast buffet. It was so good! The day before Halloween we went trick or treating(because Iowa is weird and they trick or treat the day before..they call it Beggars Night and you have to tell a joke at the door!) I'll post more pics next post of the trick or treating fun(I divided Halloween into two posts because we just had so many fun things to take pics of! :) On actual Halloween night, we made a little Halloween dinner, decorated cookies and introduced the kids to the Munsters. They loved it but kept saying how weird it was, haha.  I liked having two days to enjoy Halloween this year. In the past I crammed in the fun dinner the same night as trick or treating and it was tough! It was fun to space it out and enjoy it more. I like this Beggars Night thing...we had so much fun. And it was even more fun with Grandma here! We miss you already Mama! Isn't this photo below of her and the kiddos the best?

I can't get this picture to rotate. So just rotate your neck ;)

The night before she left I realized I didn't have a pic of her and I. She was already ready for bed but I made her pose for a pic with me :) Love you Mom!

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