Thursday, November 05, 2015

Trick or Treating 2016

 The first bunch of photos are from our annual costume photo shoot. We had a scarecrow, a cheerleader, a witch, a transformer, a pirate, and a monkey this year. They all looked so awesome!  And the monkey costume on the baby never gets old. Its just the cutest! Luke was adorable. We trick or treated Oct. 30(the Beggars Night tradition here) and found it was actually fun to get to tell jokes door to door though I will admit we thought it was weird/annoying/awkward at first ;) Not everyone makes you tell a joke to get candy, it was mostly the older people, haha. My favorite joke was one Aubrey found, "How do you wake up Lady Gaga?" "You poke her face." The old people didn't get it though..LOL. Anyways, the weather was wonderful. My mom was there to share in the fun with us. It was a great night! The excitement of the boys was unsurpassed. Its one of the best nights of the year for them! And Luke loved being a monkey. He really enjoyed his first Halloween, even if he only got to chew a wrapper. I enjoyed the fact that we live in a normal neighborhood again where you can just walk door to door and not have to walk a half mile in between ;) Much more productive! And I enjoyed not having golf carts zoom by us. I also included a couple of photos at the end of Ammon at his preschool Halloween party. He was so excited about that! They trick or treated around the church. Even Wesley got to join in the fun. Trick or treating is one of the best ideas ever. Thank you to whoever came up with this brilliant idea. You dress up, you get free candy. Genius. Happy Halloween (and Beggars Night!) everyone!

I'm posting more than two pics of Luke because this sequence is just gold...

And he's down! :)

Our monkey enjoying his first Beggars Night...

The loot was gooood.

Our pumpkins were aglow that night...

Preschool party!

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