Friday, January 01, 2016

Christmas Eve 2015

It was so fun having Christmas Eve in our new home..especially because on Christmas Eve, it snowed! :) It wasn't a massive snow, but enough to look white and beautiful outside. Just watching the snowfall is so peaceful and wonderful to me. Its not something I'm used to seeing! I grew up my whole life as a child never getting to see it. We had one white Christmas in the Dallas area and it was magical. And when we decided to move to Iowa, I thought, hey, we will definitely have a white Christmas there! And strangely enough, we almost didn't! But thankfully, we did :) So yea!! Anyways, Christmas Eve was filled with all of my favorite things...a few gifts exchanged (which is one of my favorite traditions, so much love in the room! :), our little Christmas Eve "party" where everyone helped make all of the food, our nativity re-enactment and of course decorating cookies for Santa(and eating plenty too). I love our family traditions! I just wish we lived closer to our extended family and could share more of these traditions with them sometimes :(

Family gift exchange. Its always such a sweet time. We each pick something out for each other thats around a dollar..and the kids are always just so excited to give their gifts(and receive too:) So many sweet hugs and smiles. 

My cookie helpers

Ella and Cali helping with the party food. Aubrey is in this picture too. Can you find her? She's the creepy eyed child behind the chair..

Our cute baby enjoying his first Christmas Eve. Having no idea whats going on :)

Lets eat y'all!

This was our most fun nativity yet. We even had a real baby for it :)

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