Saturday, December 26, 2015

Ella's Winter Figure Skating Show

Took us a couple of months to find a place, but we finally found an arena for Ella to take to continue figure skating classes. Its not what we are used to..very old facility..not a widely popular sport here like it was in the Dallas area. Kinda weird since we live in an area where ponds actually freeze over and some are even designated at certain times as safe to iceskate on. It just seems like figure skating would be a big thing here! But its not. Anyways, we found a place and Ella really enjoys her new coach, Igor. He actually competed in the Olympics for the Russian team many years ago. Anyways, he's totally nice and has taught her so much already. Its been fun watching her get back into the swing of things again! She is so beautiful and graceful on the ice! She performed to Luke's favorite song, "Hello" by Adele at the recent Winter Show and did awesome. Two of her best friends even came to watch! Thanks Alyssa and Emily for coming! It meant so much to her :)

 I have no idea what I just said to get her to make this face! LOL

We had quite the crew with us that day..

 A sweet sisterly hug

 This is Ella and her choreographer for the show, Inna.

 The group of skaters. Many of them did holiday routines with costumes. Ella didn't want to do that :)

 Ella and her two besties!

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jOeY said...

Ella did so awesome! That was so fun chucking stuff on the ice too. :)