Monday, December 21, 2015

Joey's got an office y'all

FINALLY! We can now visit Joey at work and all fit! He has worked from a cubicle for the past 15 years. And now he has his very own office!!!!!!!! We have talked about this day for years...dreamt of this day...yearned for this day! :) The last time we visited him at his old job, we barely all crammed into that dang cube. I remember thinking..its about time he got an office ;) And just a few months later, here we are! We can even all eat at the tables inside. And have privacy! Its awesome.

I'm so proud of Joey! He is doing great with his new job and loves it. He says he is busiest he's been in his life, but its "good busy." He even feels busier than when he was working, going to school and was the YM president when we lived in Corpus. So, thats says a lot about how busy he feels right now. However, he is doing great. He is doing things that make him feel like he is accomplishing so much...he is helping his new company take huge leaps forward...he is learning SO much and growing in so many ways. Because its a smaller company, he is in direct contact with the CEO and VP of the company and helps make big decisions. He is constantly in meetings with really important people which is cool to him. He feels there is so much opportunity here and that excites him. He has his own team that he is managing and loves that. He loooves being a manager. He loves being able to make decisions and managing things and I'm sure he is a good manager. He is such a nice guy and a people person. He comes home so much happier than he used to and that makes me so happy. He loves his boss/director too. Even though he's been working late..working from home..and has a lot more on his plate, he at least feels like his work is important. Not just the same ole same ole...he was getting tired of running reports, over and over. Its more responsibility and stress but I think he will figure out how to balance it all better once things calm down a little bit. He has a lot to fix right now and has been playing a lot of catchup, but I am so proud of how well he is handling it all and his accomplishments. I love you babe! You are amazing in every way. Its been fun to be on this journey with you and watch you grow in your career and education. I just couldn't be more proud. You are so smart, so hard working and so dedicated to your family. We know you do it all for us!!! xoxoxoxoxXOXOXOXOxoxoxoxo


Anonymous said...

YAYY thats great! Wonderful post congrats on the new office!

Unknown said...

So glad he finally has his own office! He totally deserves it!! So happy y'all are enjoying it up there, and that Joey is enjoying his new job and change of pace. Love y'all!

jOeY said...