Sunday, December 20, 2015

We LOVE snow.

When we moved here, people warned us about the winter. We said, BRING IT! We have loved every minute of it. The kids have been outside so much-its wonderful. We had to spend a pretty penny to make sure they had all the gear necessary, but wow, what a difference it makes to own snow pants and snow boots. When we would get snow in Texas, the whole city would shut down. People would be outside wearing the most ridiculous layered get-ups. Some people put plastic bags tied around their shoes. (We usually wore rain boots or just had freezing toes). We would sled in laundry baskets or on cookie sheets. It was ghetto y'all ;) Up north, thanks to snow plows and trucks that salt and put chemicals on the roads, nothing really shuts down unless its a blizzard. You can still go places! And you have the right clothes/snow gear and fun stuff to really have fun in it! We love it. Anyways, these are a few of my favorite pictures from our many many fun days in the snow this winter...and yes, that hill in our backyard has been AMAZING!!!!!!!! Its huge when you are able to use the empty lot behind us too. Joey has snowboarded..the kids have sledded down the hill one million times("at very fast speed" Joey, do you get that line?) Its been so fun! I don't know if I ever want to live anywhere again where it doesn't snow each winter...

Luke seeing his first snow

We've had plenty of friends over to sled with and build with!

Cute Wes

 Handsome Ammon

Really cool night shots that Joey took

Our six sitting in the snow! This was the first day Luke got to go outside in it. I ordered him this cute little snowsuit. He crawled around and everything :) He was happy to finally be outside(I didn't let him before because it was just too cold! But this day was in the low 30s..)

 Had to take a picture of Joey and his new toy. He actually enjoys doing this! And its been a lifesaver!

The kids love to watch him. Go Daddy go! How could I not take a photo of this? So cute.

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jOeY said...

I can't believe that we live where it snows! So fun!