Saturday, January 09, 2016


Luke is 10 months! I can't believe how close he is getting to one! He hasn't quite pulled up to standing in his crib but just the other day he pulled up to standing at the bottom of the stairs and then put a knee up to start to climb. Uh oh :) He will also pull to standing if you are sitting down on the ground(he'll use you to pull up) or if you are sitting on the couch or a chair he will pull up on you. So he's getting there! He also is starting to dance to music and he did a little clap the other day. He love music and will start to hum if I sing to him. It is so cute! Oh and how can I forget that he has a favorite is Adele's "Hello." If he is crying in the car and we turn that on, he will stop immediately. He will even stop if I sing it to him while I rock him. He just loves that song! It is so so funny(and a lifesaver sometimes:) Another new thing is throwing. He throws toys and then crawls to go get them. He'll even throw a dog toy for the dog. Its so funny. Zac doesn't know what to think of him though. He is also enjoying eating more and more solid foods, especially crackers and fruit or yogurt puffs. He can eat a million of those things in one sitting. Unfortunately he has had a cold lately so he hasn't been feeling good, but even when he is sick, he is very smiley. I can always count on him for smiles and cuddles. We love you Luke so so much! And check out the spikey do ;)

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jOeY said...

These pics made me LOL for reelz. :) I cant believe our little guy is growing up so fast. :(