Sunday, January 17, 2016

New Years and a 2nd Christmas with Grandma!

My mom was able to visit us to have a "second Christmas/New Years" celebration :) It was so fun to have her here for a week. She and my Dad got the kids lots of fun Christmas gifts that the kids were all very grateful for. My favorites were probably the glasses that are also straws. Best. photos. ever. LOL. We also had a fun New Years celebration at our house and actually let the kids stay up late! My mom decorated the house and made it super festive. My mom and Cali made cupcakes in the shape of a clock that were really cute and delicious too. There was even a day when we had a lot of snow and we actually got her to sled down a hill for her first time ever. She was pretty cute :) I was praying she wouldn't somehow hurt herself(since I talked her into it and lots of things I talk her into don't usually go so well..;) But she was safe. Phew! We love you Mom! So glad we could spend part of the holidays with you. 

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