Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Show choir girl

By moving to Iowa, we have entered a whole new world: the Show Choir world. In Texas, Aubrey had zero interest in choir. She enjoyed singing(I honestly never knew how good she was though!), but it just wasn't "cool" to her to be in choir. And show choir did not exist. It just wasn't a big deal there. Telling her about show choir and how popular it was here is something that helped Aubrey get excited about moving here actually. She loves to sing. She loves to dance. And she is good at both. Its just perfect for her. So I was very hopeful and prayerful that she would make it. And she did! I am so grateful for this in her life right now. It has brought her so much happiness, helped her make new friends and has given her something very fun to do that is a great expression of who she is. The first bunch of pictures are from the first show she did-it was the huge Waukee parent show off night and invitational. The crowd was HUGE. Like crazy HUGE. The cheering was the loudest I've heard besides a high school football game(I mean, maybe even louder?) I couldn't believe what a big deal this was! It was freakin awesome. And I was one proud mama to see my little girl out there shining, doing something she just loves to do. The last five pics are from her second show. I did her hair better that day. The first time I watched this tutorial that her show choir teacher sent everyone. It showed that I should tease her hair more than most of the other girls did. So for the next show, we toned down the tease a little ;) Though I will say her hair had the best body out of anyone that first show! Ok, and the second too(I was able to get the girls to be firmer that time). Show choir hair is serious business people. And through the show choir season, I became a pro y'all. 

Serious business.

Beautiful Aubrey

Family pics!

 Aunt Tara was even here visiting! That made it extra fun!

 Proud Papa

One million sibs ;)

Pics from the second show


jOeY said...

i cant believe how awesome she is at this. Its cool that she was able to find something that she loves to do and is so good at! Just like her mama. ;)

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