Wednesday, February 10, 2016

11 months old

Just one more month until this little cutie is the big ONE! I can't believe it. His biggest milestone in the past couple of weeks is that he has pulled up to standing. He looks so big! He loves our little entertainer table that we have in the living room that has lights and sounds. He will also pull up next to the couches and at the baby gates that we have installed at both stairs. He is also now waving and its the cutest thing ever. And he is starting to love music even more. He will try and do claps and get his hands going when we sing, "Popcorn Popping." Its so cute when we start FHE sometimes. He will be playing with toys in his own world but once we do the opening song, he always stops, and joins in, whether its humming to I am a Child of God..or getting into the motions of Popcorn Popping :) Another thing he loves is the dog toys...and the dogs food. Ew. I have found him in the dog food more than once I hate to admit. People keep leaving the door open to the mud room which is where we have it. And you would think he wouldn't like the taste of it? Wrong. I guess he loves it! I have had to pry many a kibble from this kid's clenched little jaws ;) I've almost lost a finger. Its so gross. It really is.Yet, hilarious. And sometimes he crawls around and has a toy in his mouth like a puppy would(and okay, sometimes it might even be a dog toy). So we've called him our little puppy sometimes. The other day I was talking to Joey about what we were going to do for a theme for his 1st birthday and his idea was a puppy dog cake. I think its a good idea. Happy 11 months to our little puppy! :) We love you! He wasn't feeling the greatest for the photo shoot(little pink nose from a cold!) but I did the best I could to get some smiles...

 I started singing Popcorn..:)

 Enough already lady!

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