Monday, February 22, 2016

Yoda one for me

This year I decided to "up" my game a little in the breakfast department for Valentine's Day. I always make something yummy and "hearty." Whip cream and strawberries are always involved. But this year I found these adorable little milk bottles at Target and decided to go to town ;) I filled em up with candy and then also used those large sweethearts as part of the meal to decorate the Nutella stuffed french toast. It was the cutest! And everything was delicious. Sugar coma all the way. Sometimes I do cute stuff for my kids, sometimes...

This was a Valentine Ammon made that made me laugh. He brought it home from school and said, "I didn't know cats could hold flowers and candy like that mom!" LOL

 I even did Cali's hair in a heart.

 And Joey and I went on a HOT date!(I think this was the night before Valentines? On actual Valentine's I made a fancy meal at home that we had with the kiddos, with music and everything;) We tried a new restaurant and loved it. We also decided to do a photo shoot before we went out-thanks Aub! There were many an eye roll though...I don't know why...

 My gift for Joey this year was a giant Yoda. Taller than Luke seated below. Hahaha. Luke was being trained in this picture...a master jedi, someday he will be. The force is already strong with this one. Joey spoiled me with way better stuff ;) 

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