Thursday, March 10, 2016

12 months! Thats a whole year!

Luke is one! We love you Luke SO SO very much! You have brought us joy and warm cuddles all year long. We can't imagine life without you in our family. I remember wondering if we were done having kids after Wesley came along. I knew in my heart we weren't. And wow, I just can't even imagine not having this little guy here. He is such a blessing. And now I feel the same way about having another... ;) I still think there is one more up there(but I've told Joey just one more! I promise! Hahaha)

Things he is doing this month: dancing, singing, clapping, folding his arms during the prayer(so precious), peek a boo, starting to walk a little bit along furniture, new favorite song is Do as I'm Doing(its what we choose for FHE almost every Monday just for him), blowing kisses by spitting into his hand, its such a fun age!! Happy 1st birthday my handsome sweet boy! 

Seriously. Could he be any more adorable?! I have loved this one on one time we've had to take these pictures. Joey is the "professional photographer" obviously but I still think I've captured some cute shots of this kid each month of his first year! Photography is something I love too. I'll have to do a post next of each month together again like I did with Wes...

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