Friday, March 18, 2016

Luke's Puppy Party

 As I mentioned in an earlier post, Joey had the perfect idea to do a puppy themed party for our little puppy ;) As much as Luke "borrowed" dog toys, tried to eat our dogs food and torment Zac this year, we thought this was a funny party idea for our little guy. I actually used some fondant for the first time in making a cake. I was pretty happy with how it turned out despite the fact that I don't have any fondant tools of any kind and just used some cookie cutters! Haha. Thankful to the internet to have a slight guide as to what I wanted to try and copy!  I also saw a cute idea to put Whoppers in a bowl to resemble dog food(not that Luke could eat any of them, but we enjoyed them;) The only problem really with this cake is that the frosting was not chocolate...and I usually do chocolate for the first cake so that they get really messy. I love messy cake baby pics! So Luke was fairly clean unfortunately, but I guess that was less work for me! He loved the cake and just ate it up. The ice-cream, not as much. A wee bit too cold for the kid. You'll see in the pics below;) The facial expressions were hilarious. We had so much fun celebrating a year with our sweet little Luke. The kids were so excited to watch him eat his cake and open his presents. I love how the kids come together when its birthday time. They always do so many nice things for each other and shower each other with hugs, homemade cards and love.

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