Wednesday, March 23, 2016

One year more....

Happy 39th Birthday to the man of my dreams! One year until he is officially an old dude! ;) He's not very happy about that...hahaha. I really don't think 40 is old. I just tease. But it is kinda weird. To think we are both approaching our 40s? I mean, yikes, our 40s is when we will most likely become grandparents. Thats just INSANE y'all! Anyways, back to the topic of Joey and his birthday...the evening of his special day, we had dinner at Joe's crab shack. We had yummy crab and shrimp and all kinds of good stuff. And I don't know why we don't eat there more often..I mean, there is a playground! It was so cool to just send them outside while we waited for our food to arrive(it was like a date! Well, other than the fact that we did have Luke with us:) But yeah, we just talked while the kids played outside where we could see them from the window. Awesome. And double bonus: we just so happened to go when it was "kids night" so most of the kids ate for free! Score. We then came home and did a funny little Charlie Brown "party" and showered him with love and gifts. We sure love this guy. I couldn't do this parenting thing without him and the tremendous amount of help he gives me every single day. And the kids just adore him. He spends so much time with them and he is just a super cool and fun dad. We are all so blessed he is ours. We love you Joey!! Happy 39th Birthday! Enjoy your last year of youth ;)

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