Saturday, April 30, 2016

California Vacay: part 1

We have been planning a trip back to California in our minds for quite some time. We love California! Its Joeys home state...its beautiful...we get to visit cousins...we enjoy the weather and beaches...and of course, Disneyland too! It had been WAY too long since we had been. I blame moving a few times and having lots of babies ;) But, yeah, like 8 years! And now that we've gone again, I can tell you it will definitely not be that long before we go again. Ridiculous it took us 8 years to go back! We hope to go again two years from now.

Anyways, it was one of the best vacations ever, if not THE best. Months and months prior, I started planning. I looked online and found us a "beach house" just a couple of minutes walk to the beach(so it wasn't right on the beach..but we did have a little bit of a beach view). It was perfect for our family and so fun! It was a home away from home, instead of being crammed into a hotel(honestly we really don't fit into many hotel rooms these days anyways). We picked dates and made sure they sounded good with Joey's sisters family who we wanted to spend a lot of time with(Kids were so excited to play with their cousins! We had only met Elliot when he was one. And we had never even met Sasha!) We decided to spend more time at the beach than previous trips and I'm so glad we did. Some of my favorite moments of the trip were just relaxing at the beach while the kids played. We also spent one day at Legoland this time since we had never been there before. That was lots of fun, but one of those "been there, done that, check" things. We won't go back next time we are in Cali;) It was really neat though. Just ain't no Disneyland. We also did two days at Disneyland, which we wish had been three. We are just Disneyland freaks y'all. But it really was perfect. But next time that leg will be three days :) No Lego. Anyways, it was an unforgettable trip. Another awesome bonus was that my mom even joined us for part of the trip! She did Disneyland with us and we had a great time with her. She hadn't been to Disneyland since I was a kid and I know she wanted to experience it with her grandkids. She was a big help too! We are so glad she could come.

We just loved watching the kids play with their cousins...they ran around the beach together..had a water gun fight in the backyard...roasted smores together...the girls braided sweet Sasha's hair...we all drew Octonaut pictures for Elliot...Wesley played his drums...ate at Ruby's Diner together...just so much cousin fun. These two are just adorable smart creative cute kids that we are so happy we finally got to know! So, I will post 2-3 posts of pics because we took so many. Hard to narrow down but I definitely want to blog lots so I can print them into my blog books!

Alright, so here it goes(these are my Facebook posts that went from day to day):

California vacation, day 1: Drove to Kansas City, visited the beautiful temple there, had lunch and then boarded the plane with six kids in tow and flew to the OC. To most of our kids this was their first flight(if they had flown before they were too young to remember other than Aubrey and Ella). It was exciting for everyone but Wesley who may or may not have had a panic attack at takeoff;) Waiting at the airport for us was Joeys sweet sister and her adorable kiddos. The kids had the best time with their cousins on this trip. Even though most of them had never met, they hit it off immediately! We ended the day with dinner at In N Out together and then headed to our Laguna beach house we had rented. It was an awesome little house within walking distance to the beach.

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