Saturday, April 02, 2016

Cali's 9th Birthday

 Cali is 9!! Cali is truly just growing up in so many ways..and growing into such a sweet young lady. She is so kind hearted and thoughtful. She is always thinking of other peoples feelings. She will come home from school and talk about kids at school...and how she will stand up for someone else. Or sit by them. Or play with them when someone else isn't. She always says how she doesn't understand how some girls can be so mean. I'm proud of her and her desire to treat her friends with respect :) I know she sets a good example of that at school(though I'm not sure she sets a good example as far as burping and inappropriate words usage hahaha. I went to a school function and saw her being quite the funny kid one day...aye ;) I love her desire to always help me in the kitchen. She is right there as soon as she sees me get ingredients out or put on an apron. She is my right hand girl! She is also very funny and has a different way of looking at life sometimes that makes me smile. She is silly and kooky and fun! She says some pretty hilarious things sometimes. She is also a wonderful big sister..she recently decided to start teaching Ammon piano lessons. She made him a binder and assignment sheets and everything! I had no idea they were doing this together. It is so sweet. She is still working at tennis and is doing a great job..and she still loves art and drawing. And the color pink and animals. She and Wesley are our animal lovers for sure. She is also doing great at school this year and has handled the move with ease. She has LOTS of friends at school and church! She is so easy going and out going. I am very happy she is so happy. Its such a blessing everyone is doing so great.

For her actual birthday, I made her a bundt cake(Aubrey frosted it for me so perfectly!) and we just did some presents at home. Her gift was a surprise: I typed up a sheet of paper with a choice of one of three pets, a turtle, a fish or a hamster. She had to circle one and give it back to me. And drumroll please: she chose hamster! We were about to go on a long trip so she had to be patient and wait until we got back to pick it out(future post will introduce our new family member:) She was so surprised and shocked! We decided to give her a second chance at a pet...hope this one goes better! For her big party with friends, she chose Sky Zone which is a trampoline park. Every single kid we invited came(every kid loves Cali girl!). They had a blast jumping around all afternoon and then having pizza and cupcakes(I even put oreos on the bottom as a bonus!) afterwards. I'm pretty sure it was a great party! Happy Birthday Cali! We love you so so much. You add sunshine, laughter and a little crazy to our home! ;) It wouldn't be the same without our cute cuddly Cali girl.

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