Tuesday, May 31, 2016

California vacay: part 7

One of the final highlights from our CA trip was getting to visit my blog friend, Lura, and her sweet hubby and grandkids. Unfortunately I can't find my phone pics from this visit but I do have one to share from Facebook!(that Lura shared :)  My mom also happened to be with us on this part of the trip and was able to meet her too. Lura is the sweetest woman..and has become like part of our family :) My kids call her Grammy Staffy at home(that was her blogger id long ago :) I'm grateful to know her, John and her family!And my kids had a blast with her grandkids..we had dinner at their home and did s'mores by their firepit/pool. The kids all got along great and had fun exploring in the backyard too. Thanks Lura for a great time! The final part of our trip was delicious bagels at the beach house for breakfast the next morning(thanks Genie & Aaron & kids!) and a sad farewell to all. We are already planning our next trip back! Hopefully it won't be long before we are all back!

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Unknown said...

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