Monday, June 06, 2016

Days of spring

Posting this late(pics are from early May) Crazy how different spring feels when you live in a cold climate like Iowa. It stayed cold for sooo long that spring was such a welcome sight. Our yard is back to an amazing green-the soft vivid green grass is so beautiful and cozy. The kids are outside playing lots again! We are still in pants which is crazy as a Texas native, but I love that! I hate heat. So we are enjoying a beautiful cool Spring. We busted out the kiddie coaster again and the kids had the idea of putting it on the hill which makes for an even more exciting ride :) Joey built a garden for us and Wesley was a really big helper. We all chose different veggies to grow..and Wesley ended up pouring a TON of pumpkin seeds so, yeah, that might not go too well..hahaha.  I trimmed back my rose bushes in the front and they have come back like crazy, even fuller and more beautiful than last year(okay, that photo was garbage but that was when they very first started to bloom again, now they are abundant!). I also planted little petunias in pots out front. I've become somewhat of a flower lover lately! I loved trimming the roses. Something about it was therapeutic for me.  I never thought I'd be the old lady that spent time in gardens...but I think I might be that lady someday out pruning and digging and weeding! I love it. Anyways, spring is here in Iowa and its lovely.

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