Saturday, June 18, 2016

End of School!

 I'm so proud of all the kiddos this year. Wesley and Ammon had a wonderful year of preschool(well, Wesley had a wonderful 4 1/2 months ;) Ammon is so smart, a hard worker, very artistic, well behaved, well liked(thanks to his "silly" nature at times;), but always on task and just a great student. Wesley's speech is definitely improving! His teachers say he is very obedient and a good friend. He listens very well(huH?! :) One comment I thought was sweet was how his teacher loves his smile and how much he smiles. He definitely loved going to school and was sad when it wasn't a Tues or a Thurs! All 3 girls had an awesome year. None of them once complained about anything! They had amazing teachers, made good friends, and were just happy. I can't tell you how happy that makes me :) Prayers are answered. They really are. I feel so blessed that our first (school) year in Iowa went so so well. I love these kids and am proud of all of their hard work, but most of all the good natured sweet kids they are. The boys had celebrations/programs at school and I threw a little movie/sundae bar party for the girls on the last day of school. Cuz you gotta party!

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