Monday, July 18, 2016

Luke's 1st Birthday Luau!

Another luau has come and gone...sniff sniff. It was amazing! I still can't believe the generosity of Joey's parents. This is SO HUGE. So much work. So much money. It has been such a wonderful thing to celebrate our children this way. This time, the traveling luau had to come all the way to Iowa!  We waited until the summer so the travel plans would be easier for everyone(and the weather would be much better). We really enjoyed sharing this tradition with our new friends here. They were wowed by it. How could you not be?! So much amazing food. Dancers. Candy leis. Roasted pig. Biba. Birthday cake. It was an awesome day. And a fun and exhausting week preparing for it. We made a lot of fun memories chopping, deveining shrimp, chopping more, making candy leis, rolling lumpia, the list could go on and on. And Joe and Joey manned the grills like bosses :) We were also blessed to be able to have my grandma, mom and Aunt Cindy there to share in the fun(and help out that day too!) It was so fun celebrating our little Lukey with family & many new friends! He is such a blessing to our family! Enjoy the many photos from Luke's special day...

Wiped out. . .thanks Nana & Tata! We love you!

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