Monday, August 01, 2016

Nauvoo 2016!

One of the first things we told the kids when we told them we were moving to Iowa was how close we would be to Nauvoo(they were thrilled!) They really have a special love of Nauvoo since our first trip a couple of years ago. Its not Disneyland...or even that super exciting as far as what kids typically it has always made Joey and I smile that our kids have this special love of this town. I think its a mix of the Spirit that you feel there...the fun activities...and just that special feeling of going back in time and living the way the pioneers did and learning about them. It is a neat place to visit for us Mormon folk ;) Anyways, we had a wonderful time going again! I think the highlights were trying fudge from the Nauvoo Fudge Factory for the first time(wowsas), the girls meeting Dakota Stripling(He's cute. He sings. And he's a missionary at Nauvoo right now...), stilts which they can't get enough of and have actually gotten dang good at, dancing with the boys at the fair(Aubrey and Ella;), all of the fun kids activities at the fair,  old fashioned root beer, the girls getting "engaged" haha, me securing us BOMB seats for the pageant, and checking out the British Pageant for the first time. The original is better, but it was neat to see this version of it too. Anyways, can't wait for the next time already!

Here are some of my favorite pics! All forty something of them. Sorry I really have a hard time narrowing down pics...

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