Monday, April 27, 2015

Netflix Stream Team: April

This months #StreamTeam theme(hey, I made that up AND it rhymed!)is Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire. It got me thinking about the world and all of the untruths out there. The gossip. The tabloids. And the internet. The internet can be a funny media makes it easy to share every bit of your life, the good and the bad. Yet, it seems we post most of the good(I mean, its not fun to share that time when your kid pooped in his diaper and then stuck his hand in it. Oh, and of course smeared it into the carpet. Yum.) So the internet is a place of perceptions and sometimes an alternate universe where your house is always clean, your kids are always smiling and everything you bake turns out amazing. Unfortunately, the world wide web can also be a place where things are distorted and lies are told. There is a hilarious episode of one of my kids favorite shows, Jessie, about this very situation(but sadly, this really does happen!) Its Season 1, Episode 14: The world wide web of lies. An innocent photo posted on the internet gets twisted into something its not and what ensues makes for some pretty good entertainment. Because we don't have cable, Netflix streaming is my kids TV! I love that we can pick and choose shows we find appropriate for them to watch and I don't have to worry about commercials that are violent or have sexual innuendos. Jessie has been one of the fun shows that my older girls watch and my younger ones can be in the room and I don't have to worry. Totally appropriate for them to be around though they aren't completely interested in that quite yet. I highly recommend checking out this show if you have kids 8 and up if you haven't already. Its pretty darn funny...even to me :) And I may or may not know all the words to the intro song. And I may or may not have made up my own dance moves to it too...

Monday, April 06, 2015

My funny little four year old

Ammon said/did three adorable things today. I have to record them so I don't ever forget :)

The first thing was that he had Aubrey's cheeto filled carrot shaped bag(a fun little goodie from my Mom for Easter) and was chewing on it unopened. Aubrey got mad at him and asked him why he had her cheetos and why he was chewing on the bag(he was sick with a cold virus so now she didn't want them-she wasn't thrilled). His response(said so sincerely), "I was just trying to be a bunny!" How can you stay mad at that?!

At family prayer, we called him into the living room. He walked in with his little electric toothbrush...brushing his eyebrows. He later told me he didn't want his eyebrows to be so long ...interesting :) And no, no toothpaste was involved. Grooming only.

Last but not least was the actual prayer. It was his turn. Earlier in the day I told him that today was Jesus' real birthday.  During his nighttime prayer he added towards the end, "And tell Jesus Happy Birthday!" :)

I love this kid. I think age 4 is one of the cutest ages you can be.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Cali's big 8!

Our baby girl is 8! Its crazy to me. It really is. Cali was the "baby" for the longest  with the gap between her and Ammon being a good 3 1/2 yearsish.  And now she is all "accountable" and stuff ;) 8 is a BIG milestone to us as its the age that our kids get baptized and become members of the church. She knew she wanted to make that choice without hesitation and has a strong little testimony of the gospel already. Her baptism pics and details from that special day will be my next post! I have been SO SO proud of Cali this year. I have seen her grow and mature so much.  I was just telling Joey that the other day-Cali is changing and maturing this year. She comes home from school and does her homework without me asking most of the time. She is making awesome grades too-straight A's most of the time. This is her first year to get  real grades and it seemed to worry her at first but now that shes killin it, she doesn't get so anxious :) She is working so hard and is learning so much so fast this year. It doesn't hurt that her 2nd grade teacher is awesome and really cares. Cali is so loving and thoughtful. She always wants to share and give to others.  Anything she makes, she thinks of a friend that she could give it to at school :) And she makes lots of cards/items for her siblings too. She pours her heart into everything she does. She is a very tender hearted little lady with a whole lot of love to give. She is still the one that always hugs me and wants to cuddle still. I love just laying on the couch with her and talking. She talks so sweetly to the boys(well, unless they tick her off or something;) and has really fallen in love with Luke.  Since Luke's arrival she has really seemed older. She is so happy I let her hold him without help :) She has a sweet motherly heart.  She is my kitchen helper too and always runs into the kitchen when she hears I'm baking something. She loves to cook! I even put her in a little cooking class with a friend recently and she had so much fun. And there is this thing she does that we love. When she is in her super good mood, her voice changes. Its low and almost tired sounding. When she is in this mood, she is the most darling child in the world :) She says the cutest sweetest things and has the funniest ideas. We love that voice. 

For her birthday, Nana and Tata were here which was a special treat for her. Since Luke was still so little, I stayed home while they all went to Jumpstreet for her birthday fun after school on her birthday. I decorated while they were gone(and I will admit I was so sad to miss the fun, but its all good) and when they got home we partied it up with lots of colors, chevron stuff. She requested a sheet cake and even helped me make it. It was so yummy! If everyone looks tired in the first pics(the pics are out of order-Jumpstreet was before our "party"), its because they are all pooped from jumping all night long :) And it was really late too. The next evening, because we couldn't squeeze it all in one night-she got dinner out at a place of her choosing. She chose good ole Jim's Pizza, a local pizza place with a buffet that our kids love. Its so delicious. And we ALL went! That was our first outing with Luke and it went great. He slept the whole time! No pics from dinner but just imagine all of us rolling out of there, stuffed to the max :) We love you Cali girl! You are a very special, loving, cuddly, kind, smart, beautiful girl! We are proud of you and the little lady you are becoming! Happy 8th Birthday! 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Our first (and probably last)infant photo shoot

We have never had professional infant photos taken of any of our kids. Its just too crazy around that time and honestly Joey never had the equipment to do it(and I'm too cheap to pay someone:) Well, something I had hoped for this go-round was some high quality baby pics. And Joey not only did that, he did an AMAZING job(with my help of course;) He spent the last trimester of my pregnancy watching videos and reading up on tips/techniques. He went shopping and bought some cool stuff to use for props. We borrowed a space heater from a friend even. We went all out yall. When Luke was 9 days old, we spent most of an afternoon(the boys entire naptime plus some...) taking his pictures. It was a LOT of work! And we got peed on too! We will definitely not add newborn photography to Joeys website:) Hahahaha. I just love the pics so much! I was so excited when they uploaded and we saw how great they turned out. Here are a few of my faves..though there are many more...

Our precious Luke

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy Birfday J-dawg

I think I can safely say this might have been one of the worst/uneventful/boring/stressful birthdays of Joey's life ;) Having had a baby just four days before makes it so you don't get to party as hard :) Poor guy was here taking care of everyone all day and didn't get to do his usual golfing and/or have any type of fun! The younger kids were being terds that day too...sigh. My mom was originally going to be here but ended up going back to Corpus for my Great Uncles funeral. She came back Sunday though. Anyways, we did plan an evening of cake and some presents for him and here are pics from that(and Taylor was here too! He was a good sport and wore the dog masks the kids picked out with my Mom a couple of days before:) Thanks Mom for taking care of all the party faves!  It was a paw patrol party..hahaha. The girls made the cake! And Aubrey decorated it quite creatively using one of the masks. Thanks girls for all of your help! They also decorated for me. All I had to do was maybe scoop some icecream? I have such sweet helpful girls.

I've told Joey he can have a redo of his birthday soon.. pick a Saturday to go golfing in a few weeks when things hopefully settle down! I love you so much Joey. Especially right now. You put up with a lot of hormonal crap from me sometimes :) What with all these babies we keep having..;)  You take care of me and the kids so well. I couldn't do this without you! You are amazing. And hot. I'm one lucky lady. Anyways, Happy 38th! 38 never looked so fine. 

A patrol of paws waiting to party

The cake masterpiece ;)

J-Dawg in the house

Embracing his inner dawg

Ready to blow out the candles that are poking a dogs eyes out.

Enjoying the chocolatey goodness..

Let them eat cake!!

And icecream!

Opening his sweet cards and gifts from the kiddos. Ella wrote a very sweet card. And just so you know, Joey wanted to hold the baby during his present opening. He likes to multitask like that. 

Crazy Wes.

Sweet Cali gave him a dollar :) And lots of other things too! She had made his card in December even. A planner indeedy.

I love how Ammon is telling him what his card says :) He was so proud! Hes getting good at writing and drawing. He will sit at the table and draw/color/write for hours(like Miss Aubrey did years ago...)

And here are two little treasures Wesley picked for you...little booger picking photo bomber. Ha!