Thursday, August 21, 2014

Our baby is TWO!

I cannot believe Wesley is two. Our baby boy. Is a toddler. For real now. There is something about a kid turning two that is heavy/scary for me. 1. They aren't officially a baby anymore  2. They become terrible ;) I wouldn't say he turned terrible on his second birthday. He was already exhibiting signs:) Hahaha. In all seriousness though, he is a wonderful little guy. When I am home with the kids, he is a sweet loving funny little boy( i say when I'm home with the kids because he is a toughie when we go out sometimes! He loves to torture Ammon in the car....;)  I can always count on him to come give me kisses and big squeezy hugs. If I ask him to come to me for a diaper change or for any reason and he doesn't come, all I have to do is fake cry(I'm mean) and he will come right over and hug me and do whatever I ask. He loves me and has a soft wittle heart. He tries to do things to make us laugh. He has recently started to make the most hilarious scrunchy nosed face when you get out a camera or ask him to smile. He loves to look at books. He ADORES cars. He is constantly rolling a car or truck or train(anything that has wheels) all over our floors, couches, walls, peoples backs, etc. It is SO CUTE. Ammon loved characters/ "cool guys" and still does. He was never that fascinated by cars. But Wesley, he is our car boy! Sometimes I'll just be sitting on the couch and all of the sudden I'll feel a car rolling on my head then onto my back. It kinda tickles and feels good actually :) He still isn't saying much but totally comprehends every word. I can ask him to go get me something and he'll bring exactly what I've asked for. And recently he did add a new word to his vocab, "Hewo!"(for hello:) Cali taught him that one and it sounds so cute. Oh and one more thing about this boy: he is busy. Busy busy busy. He gets into lots of things. He has taken a crayon and marker to couches, walls, leather chairs, and doors...he tries to stand and balance on things he shouldn't(kinda like his daddy. . .). Hence the bruises he gets weekly. Anyways, we love this cute, curly blonde, daredevil, car loving kiddo! Our family sure wouldn't be the same without him. We love you cutie patootie and hope you loved your 2nd birthday as much as we loved celebrating it with you!!

Enjoy pics of our family party! We had Pizza Hut and a hot wheels cake I made and decorated. It turned out not too shabby.

One of the pizzas was one of those wacky ones with cheese sticks for the crust. Ammon thought his piece looked like a claw from a dinosaur. I think he was right.

The cakity cake.

 Wesley was so excited to have a new hot wheels cup to drink out of...

I LOVE these pics of him when he first saw the cake. 

 I think he liked it :)

He was HILARIOUS during the birthday song. As we were singing he kept blowing the candles out over and over! Joey kept having to relight them.We were all laughing so hard. We'll never forget that. Silly kid.

Not sure what this face is all about but it makes me laugh...

After we were done singing, Wesley stole a cookie off the side of the cake. Heck, it was his birthday. We let him go for it.

I bought these silly had fun with them.

Present time! Most of these pics are of him opening gifts from his sisters. They are so good to their little bros. I love this picture below because as soon as he opened his car from Ella he was racing it down the birthday gift bag :)

 A ball the perfect size for Wesley(from Aub)

 Testing it out...

 Big boy in the present opening chair :)

Looking at his card from Cali. She also gave him gummies and made him a perler bead dog(those are a lot of work! She was so excited to give it to him!)

Joey and I got him a racetrack for his hot wheels and a pirate ship tent to play in. They have been having a blast in there. I've climbed my huge self into there too..for fun..

Joey spent the evening playing cars with his boys. Makes me so happy he has his boys now :)
Snuggles with my baby, er, I mean big boy...

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Our Summer Fort

 The kids used this huge box for at least a month this summer as all kinds of things...a "suburben"(as Cali wrote on it;), a space ship, a secret hideout and a fort(just to name a few). It sorta bugged me to have a huge box in my living room that long. I had the urge MANY times at night when they were asleep to haul it out to the garage!  It was the mom/wife in me that wanted the room to be clean. But I resisted(I am proud) for a long time. They enjoyed this thing for weeks and weeks. They really used their imagination and created some great memories. It also kept them entertained(the littles mostly of course, but the bigs played along too!) so it was a win-win most of the time. I'm glad I let them be kids and I let that big eye sore stay ;)  A lot of memories were made this summer...with a box....

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


I love being a mom to boys. Their fascination with being outside, getting dirty and chasing(or in Wesley's case grabbing) bugs is so fun to watch. Our yard has no shortage of critters all over. We've had all kinds of crazy bugs(we even found a bush of praying mantis' the other day-like several of them all together!) Anyways, here are some pics Joey took not long ago of a very green grasshopper and a spotted gecko while he was outside with the boys. And two other cute critters too :)

I can't get over this boys big deep brown eyes. I can never stay mad at him also helps that he tells me I'm beautiful at least five times a day :) Hes a ladies man.

 Too handsome.

And hes a silly guy too. Not sure where he got that from..

 And here is a toddler in a wagon. Just contemplating the finer things in life.

And I have no idea whats going on here. Either he is filling up his diaper something fierce. Or mad at dad for taking his picture. Or just reliving that one time I told him he couldn't have a second cookie.

 My sweet adorable blonde baby boy :)

Friday, August 08, 2014

Somebody's bout to get dangerous...

Joey bought this book for Ammon and Wesley. I'm a smidge scared.

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

#6 is on the way!!!

We are SOOO excited! After several months of trying to make this happen, we are expecting baby #6! Due March 14, 2015. We actually found out the night of July 4th. We were packing for our Nauvoo trip and I needed to know if I needed to pack specific items, if you know what I mean, so I took a pregnancy test really fast(not thinking I was, but of course hoping:) I didn't even tell Joey what I was doing as he was getting cameras and stuff ready in the office. Anyways, immediately it was a very positive test! I ran to the office with that stick(cleaned off;) and surprised him. His eyes were so big. It was so cute! After we hugged and talked about it I told my mom. My mom was in town(as she was going to Nauvoo with us) so I was able to tell her in person, which is rare. It was fun to get the hugs and excitement in person! I still can't believe it and as I type I'm much further along even. We've had a sonogram and seen our little blob with a strong beating heart which was a relief. We couldn't be happier. And can I say hallelujah for a Spring baby?! 3 summer babies were rough! :) Anyways, big sisters and brothers are excited! And as you know, I'm thinking its a girl. I think everyone thinks its a girl, but Ammon ;) We'll find out soon enough! Meet kiddo #6. . .

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Family Vacation Pics: Part 5(Branson baby!)

This is the final post from our vacation! Phew, almost done here :) On our way home we took a little detour to Branson, Missouri. First time to ever go and we had a BLAST. A couple of families told us about this little city of family fun and they weren't kidding. Its like an explosion of crazy fun family stuff. It reminded me of Vegas in its craziness, signage, statues, shows, etc.. but more geared to families. We checked into our condo(right on Table Rock Lake, it was beautiful!) and had dinner the first night at a 50s diner called the Hard Luck Cafe. Burgers, fries and shakes. YUM. And the fun part was the waiters and waitresses sang karaoke throughout dinner. Loved it! The next morning we woke up and headed to their local theme park, Silver Dollar City. FOr the summer, we lucked out. It was cloudy and not terribly hot at all! And this place is in the Ozarks so it has lots of trees and shade(and also hilly which was a bear if you are pushing a double stroller-poor Joey!). The rides and shows were great. I had so much fun just watching everyone have fun. Ammon went on a pretty good coaster. He no like. Cali went on a ride that claimed to be like a mine train ride(which she had loved at Six Flags). She no like. I guess it was much more intense than the one at Six Flags! LOL. I didn't go on any rides because of my tailbone incident from the Spring but it didn't matter to me. I was there for my kiddos. We loved this park and will definitely go back someday. It was fun going somewhere we had never been before and creating new memories. I don't think Joey and the girls will ever forget "fire in the hole" which was a ride they thought was just an indoor coaster. Well, its an indoor coaster that you come off of SOAKING WET. Priceless. Nice lil surprise in the end there, hahahaha. That night we had BBQ at a local place that had good reviews online(with delicious bread and french fries-thats what stood out to me most actually. I've had better Texas BBQ:).  The next day was our families first adventure with boating. Joey was our driver and all the kids besides Wesley took a turn tubing. I was so proud of them! Our resort also had kayaking, fishing poles, and paddle boats you could use as part of being a resort guest. And pools too!It was so so fun! Still Waters Resort is a great family resort! We didn't want to leave. 

 Okay, I have to caption this. This is random. Just a funny picture illustrating how much of a zombie a child can become watching TV. Joey was piling undies on her head and shoulder. She had no clue. (Clean undies mind you...)

We had breakfast on our patio every morning. It was so nice!


 Ah, I could wake up to this morning view we had...every morning...Goodbye Branson. We'll be back again someday!