Sunday, January 25, 2015

Da boyz

My sister and her family, my Mom, Grandma, and two of my brothers came to visit us after Christmas. We had so much fun together and I was grateful for them to make the trip up. We were able to have a "second Christmas" with them too. And despite the cold, the kids enjoyed playing outside a couple of afternoons. Joey tried to get a picture of all three grandsons. This is how they turned out...I'm still laughing. Poor Crew-having to put up with Wesley boy. Wes has good intentions. Hahahaha. Hes just toughening him up, Tara! ;)

These are the only two actually good shots where they are all looking straight and mostly smiling :)

 Num num. Nothing like the taste of dirty wood in the afternoon.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Little Lukey

I'm already calling this baby Lukey! Ha! I just can't help myself. I've already nicknamed him.We had another sonogram recently and got this great profile shot of Luke. He was so cute-he kept on sucking his thumb! You can see his little fist up in this picture below. Its so crazy that there is a little baby in there just sucking his thumb and kicking the life outta me ;) I am 33 weeks today so just a few more weeks left. The plan is to induce March 11. Spring Break is gonna be one party over here! ;) I'm having a hard time walking around thanks to sciatic nerve issues and I'm already waking up every couple of hours to switch sides at night. So I'm already ready for this baby to come out, but I'll be patient and wait about 6 1/2 more weeks to meet him...I guess :) Every pregnancy is a little harder(and of course I have gestational diabetes again...but its borderline, not bad, just have to watch my sugars a little bit). I think the older you get the less your body handles being pregnant as well it seems. Not that I'm old or anything(or course not! lol), but its definitely more uncomfortable than when I was 21 and having Aubrey. I can't believe we are reaching the home stretch. I can't wait to hold him and look into his eyes for the first time. That. Is. The. Best. Oh, and we got verification on this sonogram that he is very much a boy. No question there. With the first sonogram I never saw a good view of that area...this time I definitely did. All boy! I love you so much Luke and I can't wait for you to join this family soon. I hope you are excited! You have lots of awesome  siblings to play with, a crazy(fun;) mom, and an amazing Dad to raise you!

Update 1/26/15: Doc wants to induce March 9th even sooner!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Christmas was wonderful. I'm grateful for these precious children. Santa loves to spoil them on this special day because, well, they are just so special:) They are loving and helpful. They are sweet and adorable. They are grateful and kind. They are the best! Ain't nothin wrong with sugaring them up and spoiling them two days a year(birthday and Christmas:)  I've read some recent blog posts about parents "cancelling Christmas"(the Santa part) or just giving their kids one gift or something like that. I think thats stupid. If your kids are that spoiled constantly and that entitled then it sounds like other things might need to change around your house...just sayin. Don't hate me ;) But seriously, Christmas morning is the best! I have so many awesome memories from that! So magical. There is no way I'd cancel it unless my kids were total punks all the time. But they aren't because I'm teaching them gratitude and they rarely just get a new toy out of the blue, if ever at all(unless they use their own money...) And I think you can incorporate lots of Christian traditions/focus on the Savior and also mix it up with the fun of Santa too. And just have a wonderful season. I think too many parents are overanalyzing, like EVERYTHING. Its seriously annoying me right now. No sugar! No Christmas!  Only organic! No McDonalds! No fun! No, no, no. C'mon people. Get a life. Lets let kids be kids. Anyways, just my thoughts on that. whether you wanted them or not. Ha! My blog :) Anyways, I hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas too!!!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas Eve 2014

I'm posting this after my New Year's post. Oh well. Thats me. I'm a little backwards sometimes ;) Christmas Eve was packed full of fun and lots of yummy foodie. We were excited to have Aunt Cindy share in our Christmas Eve "party" where we have all of our little fun finger foods and sherbet punch. She even brought the kids sweet gifts too! We decorated chocolate chip cookie cutouts this year as opposed to sugar cookie cutouts that we usually do. I had heard Santa prefers chocolate chip... ;) Then we had the kids open up their presents from us which were these cute footie pajamas. Footies for older kids/teens are actually cool right now, can you believe that?! Ha! So it was funny to have them all footied up before bedtime. They looked so cute. But of course the older girls didn't smile for the pic. They had to do some punk faces and peace signs or whatever. lol. We ended the night with reading the Christmas story from the Bible and everyone having a part. Then they were all tucked in and ready to wake up in the morning. They all expected presents from Santa so I guess they thought they were good this year...we'll see...;)

This picture is awesome because I'm now noticing that Wesley has the bag of M&Ms and is going to town shoving as many as he can in his mouth before someone catches him.

 And this picture is awesome because, well, Cindy hates her picture taken. But I took it anyways. And now I'm posting it. Whahahahahaha!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sticker Happy

Found these crazies the other day (who had obviously found a sheet of stickers :) Made for some great pictures...I love this trio right here.