Wednesday, December 17, 2014

And the Netflix one year subscription winner is. . .

EMILY F. thanks for entering, you are the winner!!!!

She was comment number 148. I used to generate a random number out of the 256 entries. Thanks EVERYONE for participating! I was excited by the number of entries!

And to prove it was legit:

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Tree Trunk Ornament Idea

For our very first Christmas married, my husband came up with the idea to make an ornament out of the trunk of our tree. Its cut from the base, about 1/2 inch thick. We've had it on our tree now for 14 years! He even burned "Holly & Joey's 1st Christmas" on the front and dated it on the back. He attached wire to the top to be an ornament hook. The really cool thing about it is that you can put a light through the hole in the middle so the ornament glows on your tree! How awesome is that?! It is my favorite ornament-brings back so many memories. Just thought I would share with anyone else who actually buys a real tree(we only did the first couple of years...then kids came along and we realized we needed that yearly tree money for presents:) We now have a beautiful artificial one. And a Bath and Body Works wallflower that smells like fresh balsam..pretty close ;)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

We get excited about this white stuff in Texas

 So these pics were actually taken the week before Thanksgiving. We were decorating for Christmas early(Don't hate me! We were about to travel and wanted to come home to Christmas waiting for us, ok?!) one night and we had just finished the tree. We looked out the window and snow was falling! Okay, so it was small little flakes, but we don't care! We are Texan. If we see white falling from the sky, we just about pee our pants. Even though it was already kinda late, we had the kids throw on some coats and run outside to play in it for a few minutes. It was a fun night together. We all acted bonkers. And sang. And ran around. Even pregnant fat me. The girls had school the next morning but the boys and I enjoyed it a little bit more before it melted in the afternoon. The boys were determined to chuck snow at me. With a fierceness that almost scared me. ;) And I'll never forget hearing, "Mommy look at me! I'm making a snow angel!" I looked over and saw sweet little Ammon moving his arms up and down as fast as he can in about 1/100th of an inch of snow :) I guess he had either remembered it from last year(though we really didn't get real snow last year) or had seen it in a movie? I don't know but it was so so cute.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The difference between having boys and girls

Looks like that poor turkey isn't going to live to see tomorrow!  Or maybe its not as violent as it looks...maybe he was about to hop on the turkey for a ride. We'll never really know I guess. All I know is its definitely a change in our house having all these action figures and cars everywhere..instead of barbies and fairies :)

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Our Elf just hides. Um, thats it.

So its that time of year again, the time of year where your Facebook feed and Pinterest page gets cluttered with elves doing all kinds of naughty things. Pooping chocolate kisses onto cookies. Hot tub parties with Barbie. Rearranging furniture. You name it, that darn elf has done it. But what do I think about it? In all honesty, I love our Elf on the Shelf. I will state: I am not Anti-Elf :) But what I don't love is people turning it into this big ordeal, almost a contest it seems. Its an, "Who can come up with the craziest crap for their elf to do?" contest. And I'm definitely not the winner. And I'm not trying to be. Cuz you know what? Our elf hides every night in different places. Thats it. Isn't that what the initial purpose was? Wasn't it just a hide and seek game for the kids? For us, its just a little bit of magic for their December mornings. Sometimes hes sitting on top of the refrigerator. Or on a bookshelf(I know, crazy, huh?! I kill myself with how creative I am!) And we love creating this simple magic. SIMPLE. Thats me. I've seen posts about how parents dread getting the elf out this season and hope their kids have forgotten about him. Or how its just one more thing to do. I say just stop doing it all crazy-like then! Don't start something you don't want to continue. Forever. Kids don't forget! I set my kids expectations low. Hahaha. And keep them low. Thats the secret y'all ;) You can have stupid fun with your kids and not kill yourself over it. If you enjoy looking on Pinterest and creating all kinds of elf madness, then more power to you. I do not judge you. Go. To. Town. Some people just love that kind of stuff. But if you hate it, dumb it down already. Enjoy the season! If thats not how you want to spend your time, then simply DON'T. Just stop the elf insanity. And for all you elf haters. Hate on. Some of us aren't competing with each other. Some of us just enjoy it. Some of us just love the look on our kids faces when they find their Elf each morning. Its just another tradition that can really be a blast.

Monday, December 08, 2014


Tis the season to give! Merry Christmas y'all! :) To thank you for reading my blog, I have a gift card with a special code on the back for a


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Sunday, December 07, 2014

Thanksgiving Break Fun: Post 2 of 2 :)

We had lots of fun with Joey's family while visiting CC too! We spent lots of time playing at the nearby park. The boys loved playing baseball with Joey and their Tata and the girls had fun "hanging around" :) We also spent one afternoon bowling(Aubrey broke 100!). I watched :) Can't have a preggers chuckin a ball around ;) Joey's mom took the older girls shopping one day which I know they loved. And we also went and saw the new Madagascar Penguins movie, which was really cute. They also had fun just playing together in the play room. Shelby, Cali, Ammon and Wesley are quite the group ;) Lots of giggles! As you can see they also like to bury people under stuffed animals (that would be Tata under there). And of course we also enjoyed a wonderful feast with them too. We are so lucky to get to have two amazing meals on Thanksgiving! I'm so glad our kids can have these memories with our families. We aren't sure how much longer we'll make this trip twice a year because its getting harder with so many kids but I'm grateful for the times we do get to see everyone! 

Saturday, December 06, 2014

Thanksgiving Break Fun: Post 1 of 2 :)

We recently got back from a week look vacay down in CC to visit our families for the Thanksgiving holidays. We made so many fun memories. I'll first start with the first half of our trip: at my parents. We did lots of fun things with everyone: Funtrackers(go carts), delicious Mexican food, card games, ping pong outside, bubbles, fed the ducks at the lake and also enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving feast with them. Everyone was there except poor Austin :( But we will see him at Christmas time! Its been fun for the kids to have a baby cousin to play with. Tara lives a good 45 min or so from my parents but still made the trip out each day to spend time with us while we were there which I appreciated! And my kids also of course have fun with their grandparents and uncles too. Enjoy the pics below! And lots of photo bombing and goofy faces. Cuz thats how this fam rollz.