Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Ella's First Figure Skating Competition: And she got the gold!

Ella competed in her very first ice skating competition in May and totally rocked it! She has been taking lessons for the past several months(and she did take a class here and there over the past couple of years as well) and has found that she really really loves it. And she really has a talent for it as her balance skills are awesome. And she is quite graceful too! Her coach for the past two sessions of classes, Coach Angela, recommended that she try out a competition. After finding out the details/costs/etc, we agreed to it. We are the type of parents that want our kids well rounded, happy, enjoying life and sports..but we don't want them over scheduled and too seriously competitive in anything.  Just too much time and money(and energy! especially when you have five kids!) But some competition is great and fun. So we thought about it and decided- sure. It wasn't crazy at all. Just a few private lessons to prepare along with her regular once a week classes. I think we'll let her compete twice this coming year. It was SO FUN for me too! I loved helping her find her dress online and selecting the music with her. She ended up picking "Defying Gravity" from Wicked and it was so perfect. And her dress, of course, was purple velvet:) (And sparkly white) This kids all about purple. I also found some green jewels for her bun in her hair while she was at school one day(she was so excited and surprised when she came home and saw them) Had to have green on her somewhere since its a Wicked song!(and for good luck;)  It was such a great morning. She was a little bit nervous for sure, but her coach was so great at helping her relax. And her coach is just wonderful. One of the sweetest ladies ever. She is perfect for Ella. We celebrated her special day right after with breakfast at La Madeleine(her choice-she loves the endless bread and jams there..and of course their chocolate croissants:) It was an early morning competition in another city so it was perfect to end it with a nice brunch. Anyways, here are some pictures of her special day. Oh, and did I mention she won first place?!! GO ELLA!!!!!!

Outside the Star Center before the competition

Stretching beforehand

Taking off her jacket beforehand with Coach Angela. I just love Angela's personality. She makes it fun and smiles lots! 

Getting some coaching just before she takes the ice...

And off she goes...it was a beautiful performance :)

 Awards ceremony. First place baby! :)

 Angela with Ella afterwards

And just some beautiful pics Joey took outside directly after of her and some shots with the fam...

We are all very proud of you and love you so much!!! XOXOXO

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

And this is part 2. ME.

After bugging me and bugging me to take my pics, one evening I finally said yes. Joey was laughing and laughing at all of my faces(he even complimented me at my talent of expressions, thanks, it is my only talent yall) It was actually a fun evening. I am way more comfortable acting like a nut job than actually smiling, so most of these are crazy pics. Basically, these pics are me. If you want to get to know me, just scroll down. I am warning you though, some of these are scary. Very scary. And now you can see why this blog is called Silly Mommy. I am a very silly person/almost clinically crazy.

 Starting off slightly normal.

 Here is where they start to get good.

And the claws come out.

 This was Joey's favorite silly one...he set this as his wallpaper for awhile...I actually scared myself turning the computer on one day.

 I should be an actress. I really should.

 Becoming a hamster.

This evening was a gas.
I hope this was the best post of your life.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Joey's test shots part 1

So Joey has been playing around a lot with indoor photography and his flash. And is constantly asking us to sit in chairs :) And can we just sit and smile like normal people? Of course not. Not physically possible. So enjoy some cute and wacky pics of some of us crazies one Sunday evening before bed(I think I had just come back from a YW camp parent meeting?). This is just part 1...prepare yourself for part 2...