Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Good times in Grapevine

We got back yesterday from our awesome mini-vacation/early Spring Break trip to Grapevine! And yep, we let Aubrey skip school cuz we are awesome parents! Okay, so the rates are cheaper and the resort would be less crowded during the week:) So, maybe that was the reason....anyways, we FINALLY got to go to the Great Wolf Lodge! We had planned for it over a month ago and because of kids getting sick over and over we kept having to postpone it. So not cool. So the kids were so so SO excited to finally get to go. The Wolf Lodge did not disappoint! It was a blast! I would highly recommend it to anyone, especially a weekday stay. It was very affordable(especially with our 10% off Radio Disney promo and free breakfast vouchers. If you go soon, type in "GREAT" as a promo code for a discount and free food!) And the place was empty! No lines for any slides and lots of room to play. Pure awesomeness. We plan on going here at least once a year now. WARNING: This post is long and full of annoying Holly commentary! This is my journal of our experience and also tips for anyone that hasn't gone yet. Basically, this is my "review" of our stay. So, proceed knowing this post is LONG!

The entrance has these GINORMOUS wolves. We told the kids that they come to life and eat naughty children. (Just kidding, but maybe they do?)The kids LOVED our room. We reserved a Wolf Den complete with their own den, their own flat screen TV and bunk beds. The kids were just in heaven! They kept saying stuff like "Thank you Mom & Dad!" and "Look Mom! Look at this wolf over here, isn't he cute?" :) They were so happy even before we had made it to the waterpark!

Okay, so these pics were actually taken after we had gone to the waterpark and the kids were ready for bed. I'm posting the pics out of order-oh wellsy.

Cali petting a mouse. Yep, Wolf Lodge has pest issues:)
Hey Mom! Check us out.

Then we suited up and headed to the indoor waterpark. This place has over 80,000 sq ft of water fun! Lots of slides, a lazy river, kiddie park, a huge water fort, wave pool and more!

Aubrey chillin on a tube at the wave pool. All 3 kids loved riding the waves. Cali kept laughing and laughing everytime a wave would come.

Here's Ella having a blast going down a slide. I was so proud of the older girls! We weren't sure how they'd like the slides. They hadn't been on any taller than maybe 5 ft in the past? But they both LOVED the slides, which was a relief:) It would've stunk to be at a waterpark where the kids didn't enjoy waterslides! They probably each went down slides a hundred times! And Aubrey even went on one of the HUGE adult slides that Joey talked her into. Well, I don't think she'll ever go on one again. He took her on one with a big drop(by accident!) and I think it scarred her for life. Hopefully she'll forget about that one. . .:) But so far, nope, its very vivid in her mind. I told her she'd thank him for it later because now she has bragging rights! She can tell all of her friends she went on a big slide and feel cool.
Cali & me having some fun. Cali didn't want to get in the water at first, but she warmed up really fast and ended up loving it so much that when we had to leave she was kicking, screaming and trying to run back to the water.

This just made Joey and I laugh. . .but I guess there are people dumb enough to dive into concrete out there.

The Clock Tower Show and pajama story time(which were both lame). Joey and I still don't get the point of that show. . .it was just goofy. The animals are cute, but thats about it. Ella and Cali enjoyed it most. Aubrey agreed that it was lame-o.
When this guy came out for storytime, I thought my kids would pee their pants(out of fear, not excitement), but they remained calm and even took a picture with him-yea! Notice though that Ella has Joey between her and the wolf man. She wasn't going to get too close.

Cute photo op

Hotel fun. Cali kept climbing into our cooler and suitcases-silly baby.
The kids tried their hand at Magiquest-a really cool game where you buy a wand and run around the hotel with it zapping things and people(okay, not people:) Its this really awesome interactive game that the kids really had fun with. With the flick of your wand, you can make things move and light up and you go on quests/adventures. Hard to explain but fun(and tiring if your kids are younger and you are having to follow them around and do it with them, but we enjoyed it). If you have a family with kids around the age of ours(younger kids), don't get a wand for each kid, just get one and take turns with it. You'll waste your money otherwise-the wands ain't cheap. I'm glad a friend of mine gave me that tip. So, now I'm giving the tip to you! Yea me! Your going on the quest together anyways, so it doesn't make sense to have more than one unless you like spending lots of money.
Aubrey finding the 5th crystal. Yea Aub! They ended up achieving the rank of "Junior Magi" by the end.

We ended our second day with a trip to Grapevine Mills Mall for dinner at the Rainforest Cafe and a little shopping. We actually cheaped out on the other 3 meals at the Lodge by bringing our own food in coolers and storing it in the refrigerator in our room, so with the money we saved there, we felt that we could splurge and go to a cooler restaurant somewhere else that day!
Ella had two drinks(one water and one juice) and decided to drink them this way. . .
We asked for a table next to one of the aquariums and it was really nice. Cali's loves fish! And the aquarium was just beautiful. We also got a free appetizer since we had our Wolf Lodge wristbands on-score! The last time we went to a Rainforest Cafe was 2 1/2 years ago. So Ella was about 2 1/2 and Aubrey was 5. I remember the place scared them both(especially Ella!). We thought we'd try it out again since they are older. This time we didn't have one scared kid! Cali loved the crazy monkeys and elephants. Nothing phased her! It was a fun dinner and a great end to our vacation. And this is all less than an hour from where we live, which is great! We can't wait to do this again!


jOeY said...

Great memories! That was so much fun.

P.S. The concrete commment was pretty funny honey. ;o)

Abby said...

That looks like so much fun! I can't wait to go there when Catalina gets older.

-Melissa- said...

Glad you guys had great time! The Great wolf lodge is such a fun place for families.

Jan said...

We keep saying we're going to do that - especially with Chris and Tara living right there in Grapevine - looks like a fun little getaway!

Anayansi said...

our girls totally thought that the story time thing was dumb too. we couldn't hardly hear half of the characters anyway. oh well.

i'm glad ya'll had a great time too. there is nothing like a good stay-cation

mamapickle said...

Looks like a ton of fun! that no diving sign is hilarious :0) And I love rainforest cafe. We need one closer to home.

Pedaling said...

what a fun trip for a family with a bunch of young kids!

looks like a blast!

Jan said...

That is dreamy. How fun. I can't think of one thing that you could have done to make it better. Oh, you could have invited me along :)

So glad you had fun. The pictures tell a tale for sure.

Tara D. said...

Looks like so much fun, I'm glad you guys FINALLY got to go. Too bad Aubrey's scarred for life as far as "big" slides are concerned, though, lol. Whoopsies...

Patty said...

That place looks like so much fun!! What a wonderful get away idea! You know I have always loved the Rain Forest Cafe. I'm glad all the girls enjoyed it this time!!

cyndi/mom/nana said...

Great mini vacation, great deals, fun times for all of you that's awesome. Looks like the girls and everyone had a blast. Sorry about the large slide probably by the time you are older Aubrey you'll try it again.

Jennifer said...

Holy cow that trip looked SO fun! We'll have to go there sometime. Don't you love fun times like these that create such great memories?!

Me said...

What a blast. I so would have done the same thing about school. Family time trumps all!

ACDC2005 said...

That looks super fun!!