Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cali's Christmas Program

I love it when I have a kid in preschool. They do the cutest most fun things ever! I love all of the programs and "special" days and parties. Its just such a fun age and a fun time for kids and parents. About a week or so before Christmas, Cali's preschool held their annual Christmas program. All the kids were dressed up in their finest Christmas attire and sang to us beautiful Christmas songs(yes actual Christmas songs, not just "holiday" songs. Thats the great thing about private schools...) Cali sang her heart out and wasn't shy one bit. She was beautiful in her Christmas dress. And she even seemed to know all the words despite missing a week of school for Disneyworld. I also love that she even waved to us on her way off stage:) It was a really fun night watching our littlest girl shine!


jOeY said...

She was so cute singing those songs.

mamapickle said...

it was such a cute program. Can you email the pictures that Paisley is in? You got much closer better shots that I did.